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This Old House named Charles "The Michelangelo Of Medallions"

This Old House named Charles “The Michelangelo Of Medallions”

Taunton Press called Charles "The World's Leading Expert On Wood Flooring"

Taunton Press called Charles “The World’s Leading Expert On Wood Flooring”

New England's Only Nationally Degreed Advanced Master Craftsman

New England’s Only Nationally Degreed Advanced Master Craftsman

Charles Peterson is considered one of the world’s leading experts on wood flooring. His passion for woodworking and flooring goes back through six generations of master craftsmen.

Educated as an engineer, he has brought an engineering perspective to wood flooring — studying and analyzing every detail of flooring including environmental factors, species variations, installation and wear. He has also amassed a deep understanding of how flooring fails and is frequently brought in as an expert witness in legal cases.

Charles Peterson is the most prolific author on wood flooring in the world today, having authored the industries most comprehensive book – A Complete Guide to Wood Flooring (Taunton Press Books, 2009). Charles contributes to the national technical manuals, graphic standards, certification programs and educational classes. Charles also contributes to the New York Times, Fine Home Building, This Old House, Hardwood Floor Magazine, Fine Wood Working and many other distinguished publications.

He has made it his life time mission to advance the wood flooring industry. Teaching craftsmen the skills used to create palace floors or lecturing on the science that helps properly design and install wood flooring to prevent failures.

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Sixth generation degreed advanced master craftsman…


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