True Quarter Sawn

We craft the only “True Quarter Sawn” flooring in the industry with a grain angle between 80-90 degrees throughout the entire board. The only of its kind on the market. Our higher grain angle creates a most dimensional stable floor possible and produces a tighter grain.

Medullary rays are strips of cells extending radially within a tree and varying in height from a few cells in some species to 4 or more inches in oak. The rays serve primarily to store food and transport it horizontally in the tree. On quarter sawn oak, the rays form a conspicuous figure, sometimes referred to as flecks. The closer the grain angle approaches 90 degrees the more predominate the ray fleck will be.

National grading standards (READ THE FINE PRINT) allow other quarter sawn flooring manufactures to change the grain angle down to 45 degrees essentially nullifying most of its stability benefits. Also only half the board has to have quarter sawn characteristics. Charles Peterson Signature Wood Flooring exceeds all industry standards.

Cutting true defect-free Quarter sawn plank flooring that contains no sap wood or pith requires the largest most perfect logs available. Our thin kerf lumber processing utilizes the same care a lapidary artisan would use to cut a large raw uncut diamond into smaller flawless diamonds. Care is taken to create the largest possible flawless diamonds while leaving the least waste.

This environmentally friendly, thin kerf lumber processing is used to make the most efficient use of each log while producing the most uniform appearance possible. Our proprietary “Radially Sawn Technology” results in each board having a nearly identical, uniform grain structure.

“True Quarter Sawn”

• More dimensionally stable
• Resistant to twisting, warping and cupping
• More dent resistant
• Wears less
• Smoother surface