Most Durable Design

We used skateboards as part of our design research

We used skateboards as part of our design research. Imagine the stress resistance required by the adhesives used in skateboard manufacturing. Our adhesive and its bond is stronger than wood. Our engineered design uses the same adhesive specially formulated for shock and weather resistance in skate board manufacturing.

Experts agree that engineered flooring is more dimensionally stable to moisture content changes than solid wood flooring.Multiple layers of wood are adhered together. Each layer’s grain is orientated perpendicular to the other and by pure physical force limit the dimensional change of the board. Engineered flooring is able to be installed in areas that solid wood flooring can not.

Virtually all of wood flooring failures are attributed to moisture issues.  Waterfront homes, areas of high humidity, cool basements, cement slabs, desert climates and radiant heating systems create the most challenging environments where the moisture content in the wood can reach the extreme limits of both ends of the moisture range.  Charles, an engineer by trade and a master craftsman of six generations has designed this flooring after many years of inspecting countless failed wood floors.   Now installed in waterfront homes and radiant heated projects worldwide, we have created a floor that remains beautiful, strong and blemish-free even in the most impossible difficult conditions.

Our thick wear layers are cut perfectly Quarter Sawn and defect free resulting in the greatest stability and durability possible for each wood species.Including our thick wear layer, Charles Peterson uses a 12 ply construction to provide maximum stability.  This 12 ply construction utilizes the highest quality Baltic Birch plywood in the world from the premier Russian mills that is renowned for its strength and stability. The Russian Baltic Birch plywood has proven itself through billions of square feet of flooring all over the world to be an established benchmark for durability and stability. Russian Baltic Birch plywood is 25 times more stable than solid Red Oak.


Test 1: We submerged and boiled the sample for 4 hours. We, then, oven dried it at 145 F down to 4% TO 12% moisture content. We again submerged and boiled the sample for 4 more hours preceded by a cool water bath and then performed shear testing.

Test 2: We performed a 3-cycle submerged soak test. The sample is submerged for 4 hours and dried at 120 For 19 hours. The test is repeated two more times on the same sample.

Test 3: The sample is submerged for 48 hours.