Benefits of Vertical Grain


 Plain sawn cut flooring exposes larger areas of  softer wood

Harder Flooring

Trees normally grow faster in the spring time creating a more porous softer wood. Flooring that is cut plain sawn exposes larger areas of the softer wood that are prone to accelerated wear and denting. Radially sawn flooring has only thin narrow bands of  the softer wood which is protected the the harder summer wood on both sides.

More Stable Flooring

Virtually all of wood flooring failures are attributed to moisture issues. Rallially cut wood flooring expands approximately half  the amount across it width as plain sawn flooring with changes in moisture content. Radially cut flooring is able to endure a wider range of moisture conditions with less problems.

• More dimensionally stable
• Resistant to twisting, warping and cupping
• More dent resistant
• Wears less
• Smoother surface