Our Difference


The grade of wood we use for our flooring does not exist elsewhere in the flooring industry. We hand pick only perfect logs to yield a grade of wood previously only available for the most exquisite musical instruments. 

Charles Peterson Signature Flooring is custom hand crafted for each individual client. We painstaking select each log from the forest; we saw them “in-house” with our proprietary Radial Sawmills to our unsurpassed standards. Only then do we gently slow dry them in our proprietary kilns. By controlling the entire process from the forest to your home, we are able to achieve a “new quality standard”.  As craftsmen, we are personally invested in every one of our floors


Our wide, long flooring boards are free of knots, sapwood and color defects. No manufacture has been able to supply wood flooring equal to our specifications.

We produce the only “True Quarter Sawn” cut flooring in the flooring industry.
Our proprietary “Radially Sawn” sawmilling technology results in each board having the exact perfect 80-90 degree vertical grain structure yielding the most stability for each species of wood compared the industry’s loose standard of 45-90 degrees.

Color and grain matching our flooring starts at the forest and continues all the way through to the final inspection prior to shipping. Yielding a floor that appears as if it were sawn entirely from one perfect log.

Our flooring is hand crafted to last generations. Our “Radially Sawn” sawmilling technology produces harder more durable flooring which dents and cracks less. Our flooring is designed to be the least sensitive to challenging environmental conditions making them perfect for waterfront homes or radiant heating systems.

Devoted to Environmental Stewardship we thoughtfully hand select each tree to ensure our forest’s well being. The use of environmentally friendly thin kerf lumber processing allows the most efficient use of each rare log.

Imagine your flooring pre-acclimated for your project. Our specialized proprietary low stress dry kilns allow us to individually dry each custom made floor to your jobsite’s specifications.


Kent Self Portrait 2013
Perfect Floors Require Perfect Logs
Proprietary Radially Sawn
Designed To Last Generations