Unrivaled Quality - Flooring crafted from a quality of wood previously unavailable
Unrivaled Quality - Created by the leading wood floor expert to establish a new quality standard
Unrivaled Quality - Custom hand crafted for each individual client


About Charles

Charles is one of the world’s top wood flooring master craftsmen and technical experts. He has created a new, unmatched quality standard in hardwood flooring.

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Our Difference

Imagine a wood floor that appears as if it were sawn entirely from one perfect log like a diamond necklace composed of perfectly matched, flawless diamonds

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Our Products

The grade of wood we use does not exist elsewhere in the flooring industry. We handcraft the finest quarter sawn, rift sawn and custom flooring in the world.

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The Finest Wood Flooring In The world

A MASTER’S MAGNUM OPUS: The creation of the “purest form of wood flooring” unblemished, perfect in grain and color.

The grade of wood we use does not exist elsewhere in the flooring industry.

We produce the only “True Quarter Sawn” cut hardwood flooring.

We produce the finest Rift Sawn cut hardwood flooring in the world.

Color and grain matching our hardwood flooring starts at the forest and continues through the final inspection prior to shipping.

Our hardwood flooring is hand-crafted to last generations.

Devoted to Environmental Stewardship, we thoughtfully hand select each tree to ensure our forest’s sustainability.

Your flooring is pre-acclimated for your project.

New Projects

Charles Peterson Signature Flooring has been selected for the head quarters of the Academy Awards, the restoration of New York City’s legendary landmark The Knickerbocker and the headquarters of the Under Armour company.

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